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Apr. 23rd, 2012 03:04 pm
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Will be updated as Spain meets new people and develops more friendships and stuff! Stay tuned!
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An in constant work list of Threads for Ruby City!

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Name: Alyssa
Personal Journal: [personal profile] emo_viking_jil
AIM/MSN/etc: andalltheworlds @ AIM andalltheworlds @ plurk

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4th WALL BREAKING: Fine by me as long as you ask first, please :)
THREADJACKING: Spain is perfectly fine with this as long as it's not a personal and/or private conversation! 
BACK THREADING: Back threading is perfectly A-Ok with me! As long as I have a tag I'll get back to it and probably apologize profusely if it's late.

FIGHTING CAPABILITIES: Spain is a hand-to-hand fighter, and he's definitely also skilled with a battle ax. He's a dirty fighter, but he also prefers the honor bound fighting. He won't however, take a fight and such laying down so be warned.
INJURY/DEATH: Because he is a nation, and as such immortal (or as immortal as one has achieved), Spain cannot actually die. That is not to say he can't and hasn't, but rather, he hasn't permanently died. In fact, unless Spain the actual landmass falls into the ocean or floats off into space, he won't die. Likewise, Spain has and can take a beating but he will give as good as he got.
WIN/LOSE/TIE:Anything is fair game. Spain is competitive, but he's not a sore loser and is pretty laid-back most of the time.
MEDICAL/PHYSICAL INFO: Nothing of note, really.

ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIPS: The answer is always yes.
SEXUAL RELATIONS: Yes again! Spain is definitely okay with this.
PHYSICAL CONTACT: Spain is a very tactile nation-man-thing and is nearly always seeking out some form of physical contact, so this is basically a resounding yes.

ANY TRIGGERS/SECRETS/FACTS YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT: He's got a weakness for cute things and also children. 
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How am I doing? See any thing weird up in here? Any questions about canon or about Spain?

Basically, any questions, comments, and/or constructive criticism about the way I play Spain are directed here!

Comments are screened and IP is off!


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